Founding ILWP

International Lawyers for West Papua was launched on April 5, 2009 in Guyana, South America. A date carefully chosen, as almost half a century earlier, on April 5, 1961 the New Guinea Council was installed as West Papua’s first ever (elected) Parliament – a first step towards independence.

“ILWP could have been launched anywhere in the world but Guyana was selected because 40 years ago, Guyana was one of a tiny number of countries that voted in support of West Papua’s freedom and its right to self-determination.

West Papuans have since been denied their fundamental right to choose freedom from colonial rule. Today, West Papua is still a colony. The annexation by Indonesia was a terrible violation of West Papua’s right to self-determination. ILWP is working to redress that wrong.”

Melinda Janki, co-founder of ILWP

ILWP Founders

Melinda JankiMelinda_Janki

International human rights lawyer and executive director of Justice Institute of Guyana Inc.

Click here for Melinda Janki’s speech at the European Parliament in Brussels.


Benny Wenda

Benny Wenda

Freedom fighter and Papua leader in exile, recently nominated for the second time for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Jennifer RobinsonJennifer Robinson

Australian human rights lawyer, Defence lawyer of Julian Assange (Wikileaks).

Click here for Jennifer Robinson’s TEDx Talk.



International ILWP branches

South America
United Kingdom
Papua New Guinea

The separate branches are under the supervision of the ILWP founders and function as a think tank utilizing everyone’s expertise in a most optimal way possible.